We still got it!

2 years & we still got it!


2 years & counting.

Monday is our 2 year anniversary. Seeing as how we are going out of town tomorrow and will be celebrating on Monday night with a night out on the town, I thought I would write down a few of my thoughts about my marriage.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude for my husband Geoff. Those who know him, know that he has a heart the size of Texas and that he does anything and everything to make me happy.I am constantly flooded with people complimenting me about how wonderful my husband is. Friday alone, 3 people at work came up to me randomly to tell me how much they miss my husband at work and how wonderful he is.

These last 2 years I have spent as his wife have been the happiest I have ever experienced. I have never felt so safe and cared for. Just this morning he made me breakfast in bed-- why? Because that's how he is. Always doing the most the incredible gestures to love me. I can go on and on about Geoff and why I love him... but I think you all know why I love him so much.

I am so grateful we started out our marriage in the temple. I remember very little about what was said in the ceremony but I do remember the sealer saying how interesting it is that even in the temple, we start off our marriage on our knees. Geoff has always been the kind of man that has been worthy to pray with me each night and take me to the temple regularly. I feel very humbled thinking of all my blessings. I truly have so much to be thankful for. Someday we will be blessed with children, and Geoff will be an incredible daddy just as he is a husband.

Here is to 2 years and for many MANY more to come!


Infertile Myrtle

Today I went back to the doctor for about the millionth time to get some blood-work done and all the other lovely procedures women get to endure (I never wanna hear a man complain-- we women have to go through quite a bit of crap to have children... the monthly visitor, lovely exams, the ACTUAL childbirth..)

The doctor is about 90% sure (her words, not mine) that I have a disease called Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome (know as PCOS). This is a genetically-linked hormonal imbalance that prevents ovulation. She didn't diagnose me because she needs the lab results back to confirm her speculations, but she says with all the evidence given, it is all pointing towards that being the issue.

My mom's first reaction to hearing this news was "I am so sorry Cami". But I am not! No, I do not really want this disease... but at least I know (or will know) what the heck is going on with my body! My doctor is very optimistic about my fertility future. She says lots of people with PCOS get pregnant on certain treatments-- hallelujah! I actually have a good friend with PCOS that just gave birth to her second child. It sucks to have a "disease" but it is good to know why I am having trouble with pregnancies.

She said with my physical activity and the way I eat, I should weigh about 120 lbs and that after I get pregnant and deliver a baby, I can get on treatments that level out my hormones that will allow my true weight to come through--- BEST NEWS EVER! ha ha. I am a healthy weight, but I want to shed off the pudge I have here and there!

So-- now all I can do is wait for the results to see if I actually have PCOS. I should hear by early next week. Keep your fingers crossed that I have this disease! ha ha ha (Have you ever heard of anyone actually hoping for a disease?!)


Ode to September

Why I already love September 2009

1. Visiting this city for my 2 year anniversary trip from Sept 3-7 with some amazingly awesome friends, Zak & Kellee Mudrow-- It is gonna be SO much fun!

2. My amazing Mom is coming to town the week after. Can't wait to see her!

3. Last and certainly NOT least, my adorable 3 year old niece, Abbi Lynn Nelson will be coming and staying with Uncle Geoff & Aunt Cami for 5 whole days! Can't wait to spoil her rotten.
Hurry and get here September!!!


Another special friend

We took out our special friend Blu tonight to get some pizza and it was such a great time. When we picked him up he acted like he won the lottery. He was SO excited to see all of us! This guy has impacted my life more than he will ever know and I will miss him so much once we move to Texas. Many times he signs he loves me and it just melts my heart. I tear up thinking about saying goodbye to him. I am so blessed to have so many special friends like him in my life. They remind me every day what truly matters.

Koolaid hair will help you get a man...

Take her word for it. Seriously. Press Play. You will NOT regret it!


If you love me...

As I was walking back to my car after working out at the gym, I noticed something on my seat that was not there before. I opened the door to see this little napkin and the greatest t-shirt ever made. The note is a napkin from this great little frozen yogurt shop that says: my name is ____ i really like your_____. Wanna spoon me? If anyone knows me well enough, they will know this is right up my alley. Oh that sneaky Geoff. Do I not have the cutest, most thoughtful husband ever? Needless to say, I was smiling ear to ear as I drove home from the gym.


Healthy and YUMMY recipes

Here are 2 yummy recipes I have made recipes where I made the original recipes healthy.

Red Potato Salad

8-9 red potatoes cubed and boiled (with the skins on)
1/2 cup skim milk
2 TBSP light mayo
1 package fat free ranch seasoning
Turkey bacon cooked and torn to pieces
green onions chopped

Mix the ranch, milk and mayo. Mix in the turkey bacon and green onions with the potatoes and then slowly pour the mixture over the potatoes and let chill for a couple of hours. Really good for BBQs and such.

Whole Wheat Zucchini Bread

3 eggs (I used 2 egg whites, one whole egg)
2 cups grated zucchini
1 c. vegtable oil (I use applesauce instead and it works fine and LOTS healthier)
3 c. sugar (I use splenda instead

1 TBSP Salt

3 tsp cinnamon
3 tsp vanilla
1 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp baking powder

3 cups whole wheat flour

Bake at 350 for about 45-hour depending on your oven. Mine took about 50 minutes.


Lovin' great deals!

I am so excited about this new Shabby apple dress that I got for practically nothing due to saving up on promotional codes!

I highly recommend you take a gander at shabbyapple.com. It is a little pricey but they are classic peices that you can wear forever and once you do buy something from there, you get TONS of promotional codes via email. This dress cost me like $20. Remember my perfect black dress I bought for Christmas? I wear it all the time and am still lovin' it each time I do.


An amazing experience!

So we did it. We can cross it off our list after many months of discussing conquering this task.

We hiked the WHOLE Wellsville Mountain range. All 12 1/2 miles of it. 7 miles uphill. We counted about 7 mountains total that we climbed over.

(This is what the Mountain range looks like, of course there was no snow when we hiked)

The Wellsville Mountains are literally the steepest mountains in the world. They are amazing and I will never look at the mountain range the same again.

It was tough & at times I wanted to give up. But what an amazing experience it was.

We started the hike at the crack of dawn @ 6 a.m. and ended around 2:45 p.m... Lasting almost 9 hrs. We invitied our neighbors and good friends, the Bennetts, to come with us and we had a great time together.

I don't know if anyone has done anything like this but I would highly recommend it. It was literally one of the most amazing experiences of my life. You could stand on the mountain peeks and see the Great Salt Lake and turn around in the same exact spot and see all the way up to Idaho. Incredible. There is no way you can deny there is a God after seeing the beauty in the Wellsville Mountains.

It was amazing. Incredible. Almost Life changing!