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Our case worker highly recommended we add our profile to a national website called Parent profile... so we started gathering all the fun paperwork for that and it is now officially up! So check it out, bookmark it, share it, LOVE it! (:

We are so blessed to have so many wonderful friends sharing this incredible journey with us! I am overwhelmed with the love and support of our amazing friends and family. We can not thank you enough for all you do to help us find our baby.

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Thanks y'all



This last year has been a year of growth for Geoff and I. We both have ended up in different areas at our schools, teaching different subjects/grades... But what a learning experience it has all been. We work at completely and totally different schools. Geoff's school is in a very urban area in Houston and my school is in a very well off area of Houston. But what it all boils down to is that kids are kids no matter where they grow up and we thoroughly enjoy our jobs.

This year I was nominated for the Humanitarian of the Year at my school and much MUCH to my surprise, I won the award. I really have NO idea what I did to deserve this (and I am not saying that to be modest.... I really have NO idea...) but it sure is an honor to be given such an award. Last night, my school district had the Teacher/Humanitarian of the year banquet award ceremony and it was a very memorable experience. My parents were able to attend and it was so nice having them there to support me along with my Geoff. I am so grateful for my job and most importantly so grateful for the students I work with who challenge me every single day and keep me laughing along the way.