Becky & Houston-- Married!!


On my soapbox again

I may sound like a broken record, but while watching "The Biggest Loser" tonight, it always brings back feelings of when I was 250 lbs and what life was like for me then.

At the beginning of the show, they shared some alarming stats.

2 out of 3 Americans are not just over-weight, they are OBESE.

For the first time since the civil war-- life expectancy has gone down.

I know what life is like on both sides of the track. I have an obsession with food and that is what got me into big trouble growing up. I lived for my after school snack. I lived for the late night drive-through burgers at Jack-in-the-Box. I lived for the over sized route 44 ice-cold Dr. Peppers from Sonic. But what it all boiled down to, is a loss in life, not happiness. I was using food as a weapon and a way to "fill" a void in my life.

I am very concerned with the direction the health of our nation is heading in. I am glad for shows like the Biggest Loser to help educate Americans about the trouble we are in. Obesity is the NUMBER one preventable cause of death now-- more than smoking even.

I want to help anyone I can to show them how much better life is without all the extra baggage around their mid-section and to feel alive and healthy! Life is really too short to live it the way I did growing up. I wish I knew then what I knew now... but for now, I will just pay it forward sharing my story to help others over-come their struggle/battle with weight.

Before-- at about 250 lbs

After-- at about 150 lbs


Becky's bridal shower

Being the maid of honor & older sister, I decided to throw Becky a bridal shower and we had an awesome turnout-- it was SO much fun. Great laughs, great food and GREAT company. It's apparent that Becky is VERY VERY loved.


Dress decision!

So many have inquired about what dress I decided on for my free dress I won from shabby apple... Well, I rocked it out today at work and am kinda in love with it. Sorry for the crappy picture. Geoff is like the hardest working teacher alive and doesn't come home til like 7 (i am hoping this will soon fade and is just cause its the beginning o the school year) so i had to take this picture myself. Reminds me of the silly 14 year old myspace pictures.... anyways, here it is! I wore a brown belt rather than the sash to make it not-so-dressy for work.


I feel old...

Cause my sister who is SEVEN years younger than I looks like a grown woman in her wedding dress... isn't she breath-taking??? Love her. Her photographer Christa did an AMAZING job!


Houston & Becky

My baby sister is getting married! That's right, you heard it... she is engaged! And I am SO thrilled. She has got the sweetest, most amazing fiance' that treats her like a princess. It has been an exciting few months to watch both Houston and Becky change so dramatically. They are going to married on September 24th in a cival ceremony due to Houston being a member for only a month and a half and sealed next year in the Houston temple in September 2011. I get to be her maid of honor and am just so so excited for all the festivities that are about to begin! The best part is that I got to buy a new shabby apple dress (just what I needed right?) for the wedding! haha!