even more news

For those who are wondering and have read the post below, I just scheduled a pelvic MRI for the week of Thanksgiving to determine where and if my uterus (i have never said that word so much in all my life as i have the past couple of days!) can be fixed. if it can, we will schedule surgery (most likely over my 2 week christmas vacation-- merry christmas to us!)... so long as insurance will cover most of it. we are hoping and praying it is not too expensive... keep your fingers crossed!


more news

today is one of those days where i just want to kick, scream, cry and be mad at life... after a good cry I have calmed myself down enough to feel the spirit and know that there is a plan in all of this... whatever it may be, i know i am not alone and that heavenly father loves me.

i got a call from the doctor and he let me know that i have a uterus that is shaped in a way that will not carry a baby successfully. there are some surgeries that could correct this but honestly, they are so expensive that i do not know if we can even afford to do them at this point in time.

all i do know is that i am thankful for my savior. i know he knows exactly how i feel and that because of that, i can lean on him through these incredibly draining and devastating moments.

tomorrow will be a better day.