Baby Shower

I have been blessed with an amazing sister in law. I don't even consider Heather my sister in law. She is just my sister. I thank Heavenly Father that my brother married her, because she has become one of my greatest confidants and friends. As soon as there was word that Payton would be joining us, Heather started planning a baby shower... and when Heather does something-- she does it OUT OF THIS WORLD! Seriously. Incredible. She should start a business in event planning/party planning.

The shower was so much fun. I got to see some life long friends, and have them meet our little Payton. He was a hit & everyone fell in love. I am so grateful for all these amazing women in my life who were able to come. Here are a few pictures of the decor and people that were at the shower. My friend Tracey (an amazing photographer) took some pics at the shower as well... thank goodness cause I really didn't take very many!

It was a day to remember, that is for sure.



Hi my name is Payton and I am getting fatter every day. My mom loves it! The end.


First 2 weeks in Pictures

As you can tell... He was asleep for a good portion of the first two weeks of his life ha ha


Utah Trip 2011

I am only a little over a month late on this post but better late than never, right? We took our annual trip to Utah to visit the Brown side of the family & some of the Nelson extended family & even managed to see a couple of friends along the way. It was such a great time and we wish we had more than a week and a half to see everyone. It's crazy to think next year we will have a baby to bring with us! Highlights from our trip:

-Visiting Logan & seeing all of Cami's special clients/co-workers she adores!
-Catching up with Zak & Kellee and seeing their new baby girl Kate (Payton's future girlfriend)
-Fireworks/BBQ with Cami's grandparents/aunt &uncles/cousins/Little brother Brett
-running in the mountains
-Brown family reunion up Cedar Mountain in an awesome cabin.
-Cave hiking
-Pedicures with my SIL Beth and my two beautiful nieces
-many, many late nights laughing and just being together as a family.

We loved our time with the family and wish we all lived closer, but it's so nice to know that no matter how far we live from each other, some things never change (:



I was texting my Mom today about Payton and how he has been kinda gassy and how we have had to go to the store in the middle of the night for gas drops and different formula and how tired I am. And her response of course was to say how sorry she was... and then it came to me how much I love being this tired. I love being covered in formula and baby spit and not showering til late in the afternoon... I have seriously never been happier. My life feels complete now. Geoff and I always felt a void in our home and Payton was the missing puzzle piece. I think everyday this week I have had a moment where tears were just streaming down my face because I am overcome with love and gratitude for my baby boy. I would go through the pain and agony of the last 4 years again and again to have him. It makes me think about why Heavenly Father gives us certain trials... and now I know with a certainty that this trial was meant to be so that we could be with Payton when all is said and done.



I just sit and stare at him all the time. I often have to pinch myself that I am actually this angel's Mom. Life is good... He was so worth everything and I would do it over and over again if I had to.


Payton Geoffrey Brown

If you don't already know by now, Geoff and I have had the most amazing miracle happen in our family. This weekend we adopted the most precious little boy who was born on August 5, 2011, weighing 8 lbs 4 oz and measured 20 inches long. He is perfect and healthy and just a true miracle to us.

So many people have asked the story behind this little guy, so here it goes. Many of you know we were approved for adoption at the beginning of April. We debated for a few weeks whether or not to advertise our profile on this national website called parentprofiles.com due to the expensive price-tag of it all. But after deliberating over it for awhile, we posted our profile on this website and almost immediately we began receiving emails and phone calls from birth-mothers from all over the country. On July 10th, we were contacted by one birth-mom in particular who was from North Texas and stated after much searching she just knew we were the ones she wanted to be her baby's parents. After several days of talking, she officially asked us if we would adopt her baby and we felt an over-whelming feeling that THIS was the baby Heavenly Father intended for us. We told very few people that we had been picked because with adoption, nothing is certain until the papers are signed so that is why this little guy came as such a surprise to so many.

The few weeks we waited for him to come to us were intense. She didn't have a clear due date, so we just had to keep busy and prepare as best as we could for the baby to arrive. On Sunday July 31st, our birth-mom contacted us that she thought she was in labor and she was going to the hospital. After hours and hours, the doctors sent her back home saying it wasn't time yet. They went ahead and scheduled the C-Section for the following Friday (August 5th) and said as long as her amniocentesis came back OK, they would deliver then. That was probably the longest week of our lives. Geoff decided to quit his summer employment early to prepare for the next year of teaching and start getting lesson plans ready. So he kept busy doing that, and I pretty much was a mad woman for the next few days. I felt more anxiety than I had ever felt in my life. I was worried that something would happen that our birth-mom would change her mind. I had already quit my job at my school so that I could be at home with this little guy so I was afraid I did that too soon and yada yada. Geoff suggested so many times that we pray... and I always followed his advise and almost immediately was reassured that all is well.

When August 5th finally rolled around, I could barely sit, stand or think to do anything. I wanted to know everything that was going on, but we decided we would wait to hear from the hospital before we left to Wichita Falls (where the baby would be born) so we would know for sure he was going to come that day. At about 1:30 I had this over-whelming feeling that Geoff and I needed to begin praying. As I began to pray, the distint impression came over me to quit worrying about myself and to pray for our sweet birth-mom and the agony she was going through. I prayed for her to have strength to make the right choice, I prayed for her to feel His love for her. I prayed for her to feel our love for her.

An hour and a half later, we got a phone call from our case worker saying the baby had been born and he was perfect and healthy. We ran around the house like crazy people throwing things in our suitcase and jumping up and down in excitement. We had a six hour drive ahead of us and I swear it felt like it was about double that. The anticipation of meeting our little man was almost too much to handle. We were crying the whole way up and just in such awe of love our Father in Heaven had for us to bless us in such an incredible way.

When we got to the hospital in Wichita Falls, it was around 9 and the hospital had a room all prepared for us. To make it easier on herself, the birth-mom asked to not have contact with us and the baby at all. She decided it was best for her and all who were involved for it to be that way... So the hospital staff let us know that we would be caring for the baby during his stay there.

When the nurse rolled our little guy in, we were both shaking. Meeting him for the first time was the most amazing moment and one I will never, ever forget. I felt pure love wash over me and I just knew with all my heart that I was this sweet little boy's Mother. I scooped him up in my arms, and Geoff and I stood there holding each other and sobbing. All those years of heartbreak, disappointment and grief all made sense in that moment. I knew why I had to go through so much to get to this little guy. I realized JUST how perfect God's plan was for Geoff and I during those quiet first moments with Payton.

We were able to have Payton sleep in our room and we were the ones who fed, changed him and snuggled him his entire stay in the hospital. It was the most incredible experience for us. One that we will never forget. I am so excited to be Payton's Mom. I am more in love with Geoff after seeing him love our little boy so freely and care for him in a way I didn't know was possible.

I am just overwhelmed with gratitude to such a strong birth-mom. I will always love her. She is our angel and I will never be able to repay her for the gift she has given us. All we can do is give Payton the best life we can and to love him always. I am so grateful for such a kind, loving Heavenly Father. We recognize this little miracle was not a coincidence at all and that He was the one who orchestrated these events leading up to Payton's arrival. August 5th is my Dad's birthday and has always been special to me. Now with it being my little boy's birthday, it will now become one of the greatest days of my life.