Shabby Apple Promo!

Hey Guys,

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Best sound ever.

How delicious is Payton? Yes, sometimes I really want to take a bite out of him cause he is SO stinkin' cute. But no worries, I won't. You can get CPS off the phone now and enjoy this cute little video of the sweetest sound ever.


The Exercising Mom

There are a few things I have learned the past three months being a new Mom. One, never under-estimate a baby and his power to create loads and loads of laundry. Two, be prepared to worry more about someone more than you ever could possibly imagine and love someone more than you could imagine. Finally, I have learned that no matter what, you need to take time for yourself.

This was really hard for me at first. When Payton came, I only had three weeks to mentally prepare myself to be a Mom. It was all a whirl-wind and when he finally came, I never wanted to leave his side. Even for a minute. I was afraid if I left him, I would miss out on something. His first smile, his first funny face, etc. But I noticed I was sluggish and not feeling good after only a WEEK of taking off from working out. I know that I needed to find time in my life to devote to myself and to find some "me" time.

 For me, this "me" time comes from exercise. I know I am a better wife, mother, and over-all person when I take the time to take care of my body. I work full time (nanny-ing for another adorable baby the same age as Payton) and it is VERY tricky managing my time at home between housework, cooking, grocery shopping, taking care of Payton & Geoff and also finding the time to do something for myself. 

I think it is SO easy for Moms to "let themselves go" and use the excuse of children because they become our whole world. But I promise you, you will have more energy, be more confident in your relationships and just feel better about yourself if you make the effort to exercise and eat healthy.

 I feel better losing an hour of sleep and dragging myself to the gym, than if I were to get that extra hour of sleep. I have promised myself that no matter what comes in life, I will take care of this body, with all it's many imperfections, to the best of my ability. I truly am amazed at how amazing our bodies are. Just today I ran 6 miles, and as I drove home from the gym today I was thinking how crazy it is that I can go that far and that our bodies are capable of doing such amazing things. I will never be a size 2, and that is OK by me... But I am healthy and I will be able to keep up with my children and I am  trying to do everything in my power to be sure I am around a long time to see them grow up.


Family Picture

We have decided since we spent a lot of moolah on this new camera of ours, we better take lots of pictures with it... so today after church, we ventured off to Old Town Spring and took a few pictures. We decided that Payton will do anything BUT look at the camera when it really counts. This was the best picture of him that we took out of like 45. Oh well. He is a cutie none-the-less!

Letters to Payton: Month 3

Dear Payton,

It has seemed you turned into a real boy this last month. It is as if all of the sudden, your body and brain just clicked and everything has changed. You seem even more like a real person now that you have more control over your little body.
We made a big discovery this month. On a whim, we found out that you loved this small little monkey "tiddlie-wink" snuggler. You were sort of fussing one day and I put it in your arms and immediately you squeezed it and stopped crying. You have been hooked ever since and we went and purchased about 3 more of those little snugglers just in case! They have become a real life saver. Plus, you look so darned cute with your arms wrapped around it. Everyone comments about how they have never seen someone so young so attached to something like that. Apparently, you are way ahead of your time.
You have become very wide-eyed this month and show such interest whenever there is a change in your scenery with your eye expressions. You have these amazing, giant blue eyes that literally melt the hearts of women already. I think we may be in trouble in the future because of that, but for now we love it!

We have also discovered how much you love to be read to. We try and make sure to read to you before bed-time and it is adorable watching you look at the pages of the book and smile. Your Dad has already taught you so much about science. His hopes is that you will be the only kids in kindergarten that knows all of the constellations. We will see...

You got your first real cold this month. You would hardly guess you were sick. You would have these coughing spells and then when you are done, let out this little sigh and then smile at me. I can already tell you are a patient little person and a go-with-the-flow type of guy.

We heard your first REAL laugh the other day and I am quite sure it was the sweetest sound I have ever heard. I am pretty sure you have figured out already that your Dad is the fun one. I thought I had at least a few more months. You always have tons of smiles for him when he gets home from work. You are still such a cheerful baby and smile a ton for everyone, especially in the mornings.

These 3 months have just flown by. I see a newborn baby and can't believe you were ever that small. You have almost doubled your birth weight and you are becoming quite the little chunk! I am thrilled you are growing and developing like a champ. We still pinch ourselves that this is all real. Quite often I look down at you while you are eating, and my eyes well up with tears because of how much I love you. It is so true that a mother's love is one of the most powerful things in this world. I would do anything for you. You are the loves of our life and just so so happy you are ours.