Letters to Payton: Month Five.

Dear Payton:

Five whole months.  I can't believe it. This month has gone by so quickly that it is hard for me to feel like you're that much different than you were a month ago. Except for the fact that you are now MORE than double your birth-weight and have legs that are about as rolly-polly as them come. I love how you look in a onsie and nothing else. I could just eat you up!

You are still an awesome sleeper. You sleep through the night and take at least 2 two hour naps everyday. You know exactly when to wake up and you kick your little arms and reach your arms up and greet us with the biggest smile whenever we come to get you out of your crib. Occasionally you will just sit in your bed playing with your toes and even sometimes I have woken up to you giggling all by yourself in your bed. What is so funny? I wish you could talk and tell me.

Every morning, your Dad gets up with you to feed you and I love coming out and seeing you sitting in his lap, or right next to him. You are often just talking away. You really adore your Dad. I love just coming and sitting with you guys on the couch. These little family moments are some of my favorite.

This last month you have started solids and I have yet to find something you do NOT like. You devour everything and sometimes fuss a little when it's all gone. You also grab at EVERYTHING. I have to wear my hair back everyday or else you will manage somehow to pull a bunch of it out. Sometimes when you get lucky you grab my hair with both hands and pull my face in and suck on it.  I'd like to think you are being sweet and giving me kisses.

You had your first Christmas and got to meet your great-grandparents and your famous Uncle Brett. They all fell in love with you and you with them. You were such a good baby even though your schedule was totally messed up and you had to sleep all over the place as we went all over the city doing stuff. Such a champ!

You are truly such an incredibly happy baby. You smile SO easily which makes for some awesome photos. I was told just this morning by a good friend of mine that you are truly the cutest baby he has ever known (and he has well over 10 nieces and nephews). I would like to agree, but I may be a little bias. 

We are still head over heels in love with you. Next month we get to take you to the temple and make you ours forever. That will be the best day of our lives. I can hardly wait.