First time bloggers!

We decided to start a blog to keep in touch with all our friends & family throughout the country. So here we are! Well, we have now been married almost 10 months and it has been wonderful! We are just living the poor newlywed life in Logan, Utah and its AWESOME!! Geoff is currently working a managment job at Sam's club and Cami is working as coordinator at a day program for adult's with disabilties called Cache Employment & Training center. We were both just recently promoted at our jobs, so thats cool, but it allows us even less time together- we just keep telling ourselves that this is only for a short while to get us through school. About three weeks ago, we went down to Texas to visit Cami's family and it was awesome. We got to spend about a week there and went all over the great city of Houston. Majority of the time we were with our fabulous little niece Abbi Lynn, who we adore. And much to Cami's approval, we spent a good chunk of our time at the beach. Being in utah, beachless, is tough =) We are really enjoying things in Logan and have some great friends up here, and Logan really is a gorgeous, scenic place to live. We are starting to get more & more into camping & hiking and have some fun plans for the summer as far as the outdoors continue. Life has been pretty good to us & we feel very blessed.