One more reason why I LOVE Texas

My friend Cassie posted this on her blog and it made me so excited to read. Of course most of you know what a fan of Texas I am... But here is another reason why I love this state! It is now OK in Texas for teachers to teach doubt in evolution & the big band theory. Say all you want about Texas but I am a big fan of this. Science does NOT prove everything. As my friend Cassie stated, and I firmly believe as well, I do not see Texas as ever allowing or requiring their teachers to teach homosexuality as a norm. I am so glad we have people in Texas who are not afraid to go against the grain and let religion be an wonderful thing.

To read the full article- Go to the link below... God Bless Texas!!



Let's go fly a kite...

What we do in Logan, Utah to keep ourselves entertained.


Spring Break: Houston 2009

We are back in Utah now, sadly (no offense to any Utahns... it just doesn't quite compare to Texas, haha). We had a wonderful, WONDERFUL time. We spent so much time with friends and family and did SO much in the city... we never had a spare moment! Here are a few photos of our adventures this past week.
Us on the plane- Can you tell we are SO excited to be in Houston??

My sweet niece Abbi at the Park. I love this girl!!

Geoff and I took Abbi almost everywhere we went. If we can't be parents just yet- we will be the best aunt and uncle around.

Me and my two favorite girls. Abbi (my niece) and my best friend Sheree's little girl Ally Camille (yes, she is named after me which is why i love her so much haha )

Abbi's 3rd birthday party. Blowing out the candles

Is that not the CUTEST cake you have ever seen??

We went to the Houston Rodeo with my best friend Sheree and her husband Shaun. We had such a great time... It was AMAZING! We saw Clint Black there.

Me and Sheree- best friends since 6th grade.

Shaun & Geoff... Matching haha

Geoff eating a bbq turkey leg at the Rodeo. SO dang good. We also tried some fried alligtor which was really good, surprisingly!

Geoff's 27th bday. Abbi helping him blow out all those candles!

For his bday we went out for some really yummy Texas bbq at Pappa's bbq.

My whole family except for my brothers. Brett was in utah still and Ty has to work late

Us at the Kemah boardwalk- it was a GORGEOUS day. We rode rides and ate good food.

Just some fun pics of Abbi. Yes, I know. She is the CUTEST thing ever.

We went to the Museum District in Houston and spent a good chunk of time in the Natural history museum.

One of the most unique things we did during our trip was go to Mission control at NASA during the shuttle launch this sunday. My older brother works as a district manager for a congressman in Houston who is closely connected with NASA so we got a special VIP pass to go see the launch. Lets just say Geoff was in "nerd heaven".

All in all, it was such a great trip. We had so much fun and I really dreaded coming back to Logan. Thank goodness it has warmed up since we left (it snowed 2 feet the day we flew to Houston). I am so excited to move back to Houston. There is just so much diversity there that I have really missed. Anyway, it will be good to get back to a routine and to not be so tempted to spend so much money like I did over Spring Break!!



Seriously... Geoff and I are having way too much fun down here (Houston). We have been playing non-stop and just having a crazy good time. I forgot what it's like to live in a city where there is SO much to do, ALL the time!! I probably will never wanna leave. This only makes me SO much more excited to move back here in 9 months!


So excited!!

Tuesday morning Geoff and I are boarding a plane to Houston! I can hardly wait... Mostly to see the cutest little girl in the world Abbi Lynn Nelson. Heavenly Father hasn't blessed us with a child YET, so I am determined to be the BEST aunt ever to this little girl: