Decisions, Decisions

So for those of you who don't know... I won the Shabby Apple contest last week! Sorry for all the annoying facebook posts on this-- but I am slightly obsessed with shabby apple dresses and the chance for a free one, is awesome. I am pretty sure I keep this company in business (I now will own 11 of their dresses, yikes!) So I need your help deciding which dress to get!

Dress #1

Dress #2

Dress #3

Dress #4

Dress #5


Insanity Part II

Geoff decided he wanted to try out Insanity and since I just finished my first 60 day program about 2 weeks ago and have just been running the past couple of weeks, I decided it was time to start it up again. So tonight we did the "fit test" together and I must say that my results doing the fit test this time around compared to about 2 months ago... were like night and day! It feels good to know how much more endurance I have and how much stronger my muscles are. This program really is amazing.

My results for insanity for the first time around:

Pounds lost: 10.5
Inches around waist lost: 4.5 inches
Inches around hips lost: 4.1 inches

Feels pretty good (:

ALSO... I have decided I am going to get my healthy living blog back up and going since I have neglected it the last few months. Does anyone have any quick and healthy recipes they want to share with me?



One of the joys of being back in Texas is being able to hang with my little sister all the time. Becky is amazing. She has done a complete 180 and making some incredible changes in her life and I am just so darn proud of her. Becky and I were able to go to the Brad Paisley concert last Saturday together & it was such a good time. I feel so blessed that even though Beck and I are 7 years apart, we can talk for hours and hours. I love this girl!!


Determined to win

Ok, So I seriously never win anything. Like ever.

I am TOTALLY determined to win Shabby Apple's new giveaway for a new dress. But I need help. If you have a facebook account, I would LOVE for you to help.

Go to---


1. Become a fan of shabby apple

2. Find my comment under their CONTEST TIME post and "like" it. Its about 25 comments down and it says "Arches National Park".

... and that's it!

Seriously... think of all the blessings you will get from helping me out. (:

This just confirms what I do with my time when I am finally done with finals for the summer and my job doesn't start back up for another 2 weeks.


Need a laugh?

I know I did... finals week for me and this is just what I needed. So funny!


A long night in the ER

Yesterday, i made pasta/chicken for dinner and Geoff came home famished from work (which is not a new thing... I seriously think there is a fat kid living inside of his normal size body! haha) and all of the sudden Geoff disappeared and when I went to check on him he said something was wrong. He knew that a piece of chicken did not go down right and he was experiencing extreme discomfort. He tried self induced vomiting, sipping on water (only to have it come right back up because his throat was blocked) and everything else we could read online. He was breathing fine but he just could not eat or drink and felt a lot of pressure in his esophagus. He decided he would go to bed and not worry about it. I kept urging him to go to the ER but since he is beginning his new job in a couple of weeks he is currently without insurance til then and didn't want the medical expenses. Around 1:30am I put my foot down and we drove to the ER. They tried giving him muscle relaxers to help ease the food down, but that didn't work so they had to call in the on-call doctors to come in and perform surgery on Geoff. It was only supposed to be a 20 min procedure so when an hour passed I went and asked the nurse what was going on. She said the chicken was so large and now dry that they were having a hard time getting it out. 2 hours later, they finally did. I am happy to say he is doing fine and well and just resting today. We feel very blessed it was nothing serious and he can eat again! (He is on a soft food diet so of course he had ice-cream for breakfast). Thanks for all the love and concern from those who knew was going on. I sure do love this man and was worried sick about all of this. Thank goodness he is fine-- from now on I will just mash up all his food and make him take VERY small bites.


Fantastic Day

Yesterday, my little sister Becky's boyfriend, Houston (Yes, thats his name) was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It has been a wonderful thing for Geoff and I to watch both him and Becky radically change their lives the past couple of months. Our family has been praying for this type of thing to happen and yesterday was not only a day to celebrate Houston and his decision to become baptized, but also to see Becky's conversion. I couldn't have been prouder of Becky as she gave a talk on baptism and bore a really sweet testimony. Geoff also gave a really really amazing talk on the gift of the Holy Ghost. My Dad was able to perform the actual baptism and Houston will be confirmed next Sunday.

Houston actually just moved into Geoff and I's new ward and we were amazed at the support from the ward at his baptism. It was packed to the max and we ran out of chairs for people to sit on. It was a day I will never forget. It was so great to see my parents so proud, happy and at peace. I am so grateful for these experiences and so grateful that I am a part of such an amazing family,