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My good friend Tracey Ferrin of Ferrin Photography took our family pics and she did an amazing job. She is so cute and very talented! We love them. Check her out at www.ferrinphotography.com



How cute is my family?

That's all (:


I am now on week three, day 16 of this crazy, amazing and insane (hence the name) workout program "INSANITY!".

I have done P90X and thought nothing could get tougher than that. Even running a half marathon does not compare to p90x. So when the women at my school I work at told me about "insanity" I thought it would be a cake walk.

Was I ever wrong.

The first day I did the workout, it looked like I had jumped in a swimming pool with my clothes on. And I walked like a duck because of sore muscles for about 3-4 days, even with taking protein supplements.

I am now on week 3. Do I still sweat like crazy? YES!! I haven't missed a day yet in this program (Except sundays, which you are supposed to take off anyways) and I can already tell a difference in my body. My muscles are tighter and I am getting stronger and my endurance is pretty awesome. It is a 60 day program and I plan on doing it a couple times through.

It's interval training-- has 13 dvds and they tell you which workouts to do on which days to maximize your results. Usually it starts off with what they call a "warm-up" which is usually about 12-13 minutes of pure hell, followed by a few minutes of crazy stretching, followed by the actual work out where my heart rate gets up to 190 for about 4 minutes, take a 30 second water break only to start another 4-5 min. interval training... this goes on for about another 20-25 minutes before a 3 minute cool down and stretching.

I am in L.O.V.E. with this program and highly recommend it. However, it is not something you should jump in and do-- you should have a pretty good work out routine going on prior to beginning this. I tell you what though, you will get hooked once you feel the endorphins kick in from such an incredible, totally exhausting work-out! There is a reason why it's called INSANITY-- its totally and complete Insane!


A day for the books!

Today has been one of those days you just sit back, sigh and admit that even though things can be totally crummy at times... that life is good and that there is a loving Heavenly Father. We took a day trip to Austin to see the sights and we took Abbi Lynn, our famous niece, with us and had such a blast. We went to the Capitol, The official Texas History Museum, 6th Street, South Congress Avenue. We had such a great time together and it was awesome to just get away.
Best news of the day is Geoff accepted a math/science teaching position in the school district he really wanted to work for! Yay! (: So life is really good.

Here are a few pics of our time in Austin.