I about cried today when i bought a pair of size 8/10 pants from anthropologie.

it dawned on me. six years ago, i used to wear a size 18/20 pants.

and even though there are many frustrating things about my body as of late, i am so very grateful for my healthy body and for how strong it has become.

heavenly father has blessed me beyond what i deserve.


No blog, No facebook

After my monthly melt-down for obvious reasons (yes, I am a freak... at least I can admit it!) geoff and i had a long talk about some things that are getting to me. i guess i am constantly comparing myself to others after being on facebook and reading blogs... i am constantly thinking about how i am now 26 with no kids and how behind i feel because all i see is what others are doing and how many kids they have and how big their house is and yada yada. these little things add up and are really damaging to my way of thinking and my spirituality.

so being as clever as he is, he suggested i take a break from facebook and blogging to see if it helps improve with how i feel about life and so i am going to take his challenge so for at least 2 weeks i am going to take a little bit of a break from the internet world and just focus on me and my relationship with my father in heaven. i think i will enjoy the break from all the stuff that distracts me from real life but that doesn't mean i want to lose touch with everyone, so please feel free to email me at camibrown84@gmail.com

Also, if you need a good pick me up, check out my cousin Sarah's blog on self esteem and true beauty. it always makes me feel better after reading her posts. Hope all is well with all of you and life is treating you kindly. (: