Now THIS is the life



This little guy tried cereal this week. Yes, my blog has come to posting about my baby eating solids. I am THAT Mom. And because Mindy Thornley was wondering, his stats for 4 months are as follows:

15.8 lbs (65th percentile)
26 inches (30th percentile)

Basically he is short and chunky! Just the way I like it!


Letters to Payton; Month Four

Dear Payton:
You are now 1/3 of a year old!  You’ve made all sorts of advances this month. And I am pretty sure you got even cuter!  You sleep for 9 to 10 hours at a time which is spectacular- keep it up.  When I lay you down, you always turn over onto your left side with your legs at an angle,  You must also be practicing gymnastics while you sleep because when I come get you in the morning because quite often you are not facing the direction I left you.  You always turn a full 180 degrees during the night.  It cracks me up.

You’ve been rolling from your back to your side for a few weeks, but usually can’t get all the way over because your chubby arm gets in the way.  But the other day you suddenly rolled from your stomach to your back.  You seemed pretty surprised when it happened, but when we put you on your stomach again you did it a few more times. So exciting!

You put EVERYTHING in your mouth, and are almost constantly sucking on your hands.  Now that you're grabbing everything, I have to really watch my hair! You love to run your fingers through my hair when you are sitting on my hip which I know you're just doing it because your hand is right there, but it always seems so sweet and tender.  

You were able to meet your Grandma & Grandpa Brown this month and even though you weren't feeling your best while they were here, they fell in love with you and you them. I think you are the luckiest little boy to have the grandparents you do.

You’ve started smiling with your tongue sticking out ALL the time and I love it. So stinkin cute! You’re laughing a little more often, but they are still a special treat that we really have to work for.  But when we do get a laugh out of you it is just about the sweetest thing.  I can't wait until hearing your little laugh becomes a regular part of our life. 

You're still in love with your Baby Einstein movies and you kick your feet when they come on and have the biggest, goofy grin on your face. I love it and love those movies cause I can actually get things done when they are on!

As your personality comes out more and more it just makes me so excited to see who you're going to be when you grow up. Your Dad is convinced you will be a scientist of some sort. We will see. (:   Whenever I see things like dump trucks, trains, or dogs- things you'll find fascinating in a few short months- I just can't wait to share these things with you and see your excitement.  Even though I'm always relieved and exhausted when you finally go to sleep each night, spending my days with you is the greatest joy I have ever felt.

You have become a momma's boy quite a bit lately. Part of me dislikes it, but mostly it makes me so happy knowing you love me that much. I will cherish these days because I know before long you will be way more independent. 

We love you so much Payton. You will never know the amount of happiness you have brought into our lives. You are our little miracle and we are the luckiest people alive to have you.