Blessing day

We have had an awesome week with the finalization of the adoption, sealing Payton to us in the temple and today Geoff gave Payton a name and a blessing. It was very special and some powerful things were said. Payton is one special little boy. We feel so blessed that both sets of grandparents were there to share this special day with us.


Forever Ours

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we believe that families are forever. When we are married in the temple, it is not just until death do us part.We believe that through the proper priesthood authority,our families can be sealed for time and all eternity, not just for here on earth. The finalization of the adoption was not only anticipated to have it all done and over with, but it was to take our sweet little Payton to the temple and have him sealed to our family forever.

Words can not quite describe the joy we felt that day. When I woke up that morning, it almost felt like my wedding day all over again. The excitement we both felt was surreal. Payton woke up at about 7 that morning, I went and grabbed him and brought him in bed with us. We all just laid there together and I was overcome at what was going to happen in just a few short hours. It was as if he knew what was going to happen too. He had one of the happiest mornings I can ever remember him having. I like to think he knew that day was extra special too.

We were scheduled to be sealed at noon that day but we were asked to be there an hour before. As soon as we walked in the temple doors, we were greeted by about 8 temple workers. They were all waiting to meet little Payton and knew who we all were immediately. Payton greeted them with his adorable smile and seemed almost excited to be there. While we were changing, the sweet ladies at the temple cared for Payton for about an hour and let Geoff and I spend some time together alone. It brought back memories of my wedding day when we were able to do the same exact thing before we we were married. As I sat there I remember something said to us that day that really had a profound effect on me... We were told that we were not just getting married that day, but we literally were creating an eternal family. And here we were, almost five years later, sealing the most beautiful baby boy to us where that promise was being fulfilled.

When it was time to be sealed and they brought our sweet little Payton in, all dressed in white, I lost it. I had tears streaming down my face, as did Geoff, at this miracle baby who we waited for, for so long. He entered the room, all wide eyed and smiling and immediately searched the room to see where we were. As soon as he found us and our eyes met his, he smiled. It melted my heart. Throughout the sealing, it was confirmed to me that this is how it was all meant to turn out. This little boy was supposed to be ours forever. He has brought us so much joy and he is so very very special. The sealing was so incredibly beautiful and the most spiritual experience we have ever had. I may not get to experience childbirth, but I like to think this was just as special as that.

As we were leaving the temple, a little old lady pulled me aside and with tears streaming down her face, she told me she knew just how special Payton was. She went on and said that the few minutes she spent with Payton in the nursery, were the closest she had ever felt to God. I have always known that Payton is so very special.... but for some reason, I think because of how he got to us, it makes him even more incredible. He was definitely worth the wait. I feel so honored and privileged to be his Mother.

I love this little boy more than words can say. I still look at him and get emotional thinking of all the times I had wished for him and here he is before me as perfect as can be. I will always be indebted to a loving Heavenly Father for the blessing he has been in our lives. Taking him to the temple will truly be the best day of our lives.


Letters to Payton: Month Six

Dear Payton, 

Halfy Birthday little buddy!  I cannot believe that you are six months old!  It seems like this is a huge milestone and that it is all just downhill to a year now. You have had a pretty exciting month. You've learned how to sit up (actually have been doing this since 4 1/2 months but are really good at it now) though you don't like to. I put you in the sitting up position and you stiffen up because your favorite thing to do is stand. You've started eating finger foods, mostly just baby crackers and banana chunks. You love it though and devour them and make noises for more. 

You've become a ton more playful this month.  You laugh a lot more and love to play little games with your dad and me. Especially peek-a-boo. That is your favorite and it never seems to get old with you.  You are still just such a smiley guy and melt the hearts of everyone who ever meets you. It really doesn't take much to get you to smile and I love that about you. You'll play on the floor and play with your toys for what feels like hours to me.  We also just got you a high chair and you love sitting at the table at dinner time with me and your dad.  The first time I gave you some finger foods you were pretty timid about putting them in your mouth. You looked at me like you weren't quite sure you were doing the right thing.  But once you got the hang of it, you loved it. 
You have begun to teeth this month and for the most part you have been a trooper. You have had a few rough nights but the benefits of that is I have had some amazing nights just rocking you in your quite room in the dark. You wrap your little arm around my shoulder and snuggle up to me and in those moments I just fall in love with you over and over again. You really have such a special spirit and I am so excited to see how you are developing more and more into this fiesty, flirty & funny little man. In just a couple of weeks you will be sealed to us in the temple. This is a day we have all anticipated for months and months. To say you will be ours forever is something that is priceless to me and will be the most special day of our lives.

I love you so much Payton. Never forget that.