Letters to Payton: Month 10

Dear Payton,

Last night I had a Twilight Zone dream where you and I were stuck being the ages we are forever. When I woke up and reflected on the dream, I realized that it wouldn't be so bad. Of the stages you've been in, this one has been my absolute favorite. I'm pretty content with the way things are going right now. You are sleeping 12 hours every night, taking 2 two hour naps and eating like a champ. Plus, you are just so much fun.

You are a skilled crawler and spend most of your days moving around the house playing with everything in your path. You've figured out where all the interesting things are and just where you need to sit to get into certain things. You are so patient as you try to figure out how things work. I love peeking at you doing your thing when you don't realize I'm watching. You have this look where you furrow your brow when concentrating on something. It is completely adorable.

My life as a Mom has never been easier as you are so independent. You rarely want to be held anymore because you love to be down on our own (getting into things most of the time) but now that we have the house so baby proofed, you can come and go as your please. It is so strange to be able to pretty much do everything I need to do each day especially now that your Dad is off for the summer. It has only been just this week that he is home, but I can tell you love every minute of having him here. He leaves the room and sometimes you begin to whine because you love playing with him so much. I am glad you love him so much and hope you grow up to be just like him.

This past month, you spent a lot of time with your cousins Abbi and Ellie and you had such a ball with them. They loved chasing you around the house and helping me feed you. I am so glad you will be close to your cousins growing up (hopefully) as I never had cousins close by

I still can’t believe in two months you will be a year old. Time sure does fly when you’re having so much fun. These last ten months have blown by. Every time I write one of these letters to you it seems like I just did one last week. You are changing so fast and getting more and more fun by the day. It is so fun to watch you learn and figure out how the world around you works. One of my favorite things you do now is mimic us. We will make a sound and then you repeat it back to us. You think it’s pretty hilarious and so do we.

You have been blessed with a remarkable gift to make people happy. Your dad and I love you so much; when he gets home from work I love telling him all the funny things you did that day. You make being a mother a lot of fun and so much more rewarding than anything I've ever done.