So I am loving the website Groupon.com... I got a steal of a deal to get my hair done today. I paid a small fraction to get the most fabulous cut and color. This salon was in a really trendy part of downtown Houston and it was something from a movie. They offered me champagne (don't fret, I turned it down) and had all kinds of Hors d'Ĺ“uvres. It was fun to pretend I could actually afford to get my hair done at a salon like this! The cut and color are perfect and she actually knew how to style my hair! It's so fun getting pampered. I highly recommend getting on groupon.com and find you some sweet deals!


Mr. Michael Buble'

So I am sure most of you know I got tickets to see Michael Buble' for Valentines Day this year... and I had to wait til JULY 17th to actually see him but MAN! It was So amazing and SO worth the wait and every penny.

The show in Houston sold out in a matter of minutes so we went to the concert in San Antonio and made a weekend of it. It was a fun, random weekend including eating dinner with a homeless woman, meeting up with one of Geoff's best friends for Sunday brunch and helping my sister's boyfriend move... but Michael was the highlight of it all! Geoff says next time we will get even better seats (yes there WILL be a next time!) It was an amazing weekend and I am so glad I have such a great husband that went with me and actually enjoyed it as well!


Some great advise/insight

I just wanted to give some insight on something that I personally never thought about until I myself had to struggle with infertility. There was a talk in the Ensign a few months ago about how to handle a loved one who is struggling with this trial and I loved everything about it. I know people don't mean to offend or hurt my feelings and maybe I am just extra sensitive when it comes to this stuff because everyone around me is either pregnant or having babies and we have been trying for almost 3 years now and it gets harder and harder every single month... Anyway, this article really said everything I feel. Love to you all (:

Here are just a few pointers the article suggested:

  • Remember that the circumstances in which infertility occurs vary greatly from couple to couple. Infertility may result from a health condition on the part of either or both spouses. Sometimes couples become infertile after they already have a child or children. Some have married later or waited to try to have children, and some have not. Regardless, all deserve compassion and freedom from stereotypes.

• For some sensitive situations, such as baby showers, it might be wise to ask first whether a person wants to be invited. You don’t have to handle infertile people with kid gloves; just ask how they feel and if they are up to certain events. But be sure to include them in Church and family activities.

• Try not to second-guess a couple’s medical treatments or other actions. They have most likely been careful and prayerful in making difficult decisions. Trust that they have learned what is best for their family. Remember that decisions about building a family are between a husband and wife and the Lord.

• Recognize positive contributions that are not related to childbearing or rearing. Everyone needs to feel valuable, and this is sometimes hard—particularly in Latter-day Saint culture—when one cannot become a parent.

• Realize that infertile people can be sensitive to the undertones of your comments, and try to be careful about what you say. For example, saying “You’ll get pregnant if you just relax” implies that you think infertility is the couple’s own fault, when in reality it is usually a medical condition not caused by stress. “You’ll get pregnant as soon as you adopt” implies that you see adoption as merely a path to having a biological child, when it is actually just as valid a path to parenthood as pregnancy. Even reassurances such as “It will happen in the Lord’s time” can be painful for people who are preparing themselves for the possibility that they will not have biological children during this lifetime.

• Express your support and love with simple, positive, nonintrusive comments such as “I love you” or “I have been praying for you.” Your genuine care and concern are needed by those experiencing the trial of infertility


On my mind

Today I am thinking a lot about one of my heroes.

His name is Brett Nelson.

Yes, that's my little brother.

Today he is in surgery for his back. About 4 years ago, he started having back problems. Severe back problems.

So he is really on my mind today.

Let me tell you why Brett is my hero.

Never once has he given up, even with all the adversity he has gone through. Back pain (so i have heard) is some of the worst pains you have to live with. And being over 6 foot 5 only intensifies that pain. Brett has not had an easy go in life all the time. He was an athlete in high school, the ONLY member of the church in his circle of friends and he never once let his standards fall. Often times, he would be home on a Friday night because his friends were doing things contrary to his standards. He is simply amazing in my eyes.

Brett is unlike any other guy I know. Besides my own husband, I know of no better guy than him. He literally has a heart the size and Texas. So many times, when I was living in Logan and he lived around the corner from me, I would go outside my door to find a note telling me he loves me and an ice cold diet coke (my favorite). Seriously, what brothers do that for their sisters?

At this very moment, Brett is in surgery. My heart is full of gratitude for Brett. I am praying that this surgery is a success so that he can be rid of some of the pain and heart break he has felt the last few years. His size in stature doesn't even compare to the size of his heart.

Today, more than anything, I am just so grateful I am HIS sister and that I am blessed to learn so much about overcoming adversity from this special guy.