Weekend getaway!

So this weekend, I went with 10 other women from my new ward down here and we went to San Marcus to the MOST AMAZING outlets I have ever been to. If you have ever been to the ones in Park City, Utah-- multiply that by about 6 and that is how big these outlets are. I got some amazing deals there and stayed well under budget (which Geoff was super happy about) but most importantly, I got to know some really amazing women in my ward even better and make some really great friendships. Geoff and I really love the ward we are in and are glad to be back in family ward, even though we liked the student ward we were in, it is nice to have a real primary and more mature people in the ward and all the diversity that comes with it. I am so glad I got to get away with these awesome women and can't wait for next time!


Heaven sent

Some of you may know that some recent and very sad and tragic events have occurred within my immediate family. So lately, I have been in a very sulky and glass half empty kind of mood. Last night, my very wise father suggested we watch the movie "Emma Smith- My story". Well, it basically kicked me right where I needed to be kicked. Emma Smith is my new hero. She lost like 6 or 7 of her own children, many of them small infants, watched her husband get tarred and feathered, homes burnt down, and many many other terrible things that most of us knew about growing up... but after seeing it portrayed in this movie, it really woke me up that if she can go through all those trials and stay positive and faithful, than so can I. Even when the storm is raging-- and this week it really has been--- THAT is when we need to turn to our Father in Heaven the most and let the Savior lift our burdens. I am so grateful that I was able to watch this inspired film, it was JUST what I needed. I am thankful for people like Emma Smith, who gave all they had, so that I can know what I know. I can't wait to someday thank her for her wonderful example of faith and enduring to the end.


having too much fun...

...with these 2 adorable girls... I just can't get enough of Abbi Lynn & Ellie Renee!


What do you do?

I need some help. What do you guys do when you get discouraged? What helps give you a little pick me up when you feel down?

I think I need to try some new things to keep me distracted. These last few weeks have been really amazing but also really really hard. So I am turning to all my friends for some advice on what you do to help lift your spirits. Thanks-- I love you ALL!!



last year i made some really hefty, detailed resolutions and goals for myself. and you know what? i think i did fairly well at improving in almost every area, not perfect, but i made some real strides.

i lost about 20 lbs over the year, reaching my 100 pound mark over the last 5 years. i improved in my scripture reading and more sincere prayers and i did well in all my classes.

as fun as it was to make so many goals last year, i think this year, i am going to keep it simple.

this year i want to be a better sister, daughter and most importantly a better wife to geoff. sometimes i feel like i take him for granted. not every woman gets a husband who rubs her feet every night and does the dishes almost every single day. not every woman gets a husband who honors his priesthood like he does. so i am going to try and be the best i can to him. listen more, laugh more and just live every day with him like it was my last.

i am pumped for a new year. we had a couple of heart-breaking things happen to geoff and i last year but overall, i think it was a great year for geoff and i to grow. we have so much to be grateful for and i can honestly say i am glad for all those sometimes painful moments in 2009 that occurred. it will only make this year better! we are ready for this new chapter of our lives down here in the great state of texas and i can't wait to see all that 2010 has in store for us.