I did it.

After a couple of months of debate, I finally did it....

Thanks to my wonderful sister Becky, who is already a pro after only a few months @ cosmetology school-- She did my hair just like I planned!


The Deal-io

I know there are many reasons Heavenly Father wanted us to move to Houston, and I know one of the reasons is because Houston has some of the best doctors in the world. Today just validated that feeling for me.

Our first appt with Dr. Gill, our fertility specialist was today, @ the Houston Fertility Institute and I haven't felt this positive about things in a REALLY long time. He is such an amazing doctor. He was able to explain some testing/procedures that will be taking place to first figure out what is wrong AND he was just super positive and hopeful.

Here is what we will be doing. Today, I got ELEVEN vials of blood drawn to test for various things but mainly for Factor 5, which my Mom was recently diagnosed with. It is a blood clotting disease which can result in miscarriages if left untreated/unknown. He says people can be very successful in their pregnancies with this disorder with the help of fertility treatments.

Next, I will go in a couple of weeks where they will put me out and check out all my insides to see what all my "plumbing" looks like. Geoff will also be tested at that time. After all these procedures, the doctor will be able to draw up a plan for what is the best route for Geoff and I to become parents.

The best part of my visit was looking at the HUGE wall of photos & letters with pictures of babies that the doctor was a part of helping come to be. Crazy part was-- at least half of the pictures had pictures of twins/triplets-- yikes! This is definitely a very very expensive route-- even with insurance-- but I can't think of a better way to spend our hard earned money!

I haven't felt this hopeful in a really REALLY long time. Even if things don't work through this whole process, we will know we did all we could to try and conceive this route.

Thank you SO much for all the thoughts and prayers that you all have had on our behalf. We feel incredibly blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family supporting us and looking out for us through this process!


Have an Appt on Wednesday with a world renowned doctor and director at the Houston Fertility Institute. This place is AMAZING. They have a higher than national average rate of success with all different fertility procedures.

Even with insurance, it will probably break the bank. But that is ok. I can live on Soup and crackers for awhile if it means starting a family.

Trying not to get my hopes up too high but also trying to stay positive.

Wish us luck!!


Here we go again

Geoff and I have taken off the past eight months or so on trying to get pregnant and STAY pregnant (not that we have stopped trying, just haven't been focusing on it like the past 2 1/2 years prior). I will admit, it has been nice to not have that weight on my shoulders, but it hasn't made the monthly heartache any easier. Time does not heal all pain, I can tell you that from experience (:

Well, we are going to have at it again.

Tomorrow, I have an appt. with my general doctor tomorrow to get some referrals to get the ball rolling. Houston has a whole hospital dedicated to fertility issues in the Med center-- so hopefully we will find someone who can help.

I don't normally advertise this-- but I would REALLY appreciate any prayers said on our behalf. This has been the most emotionally exhausting endeavor I have ever had to go through and sometimes I don't know how much disappointment I can handle (Even though I know Heavenly Father doesn't give us more than we can handle).

I am so grateful for wonderful friends and family who have been so supportive, kind and understanding towards us while we figure out the path Heavenly Father wants us to take in starting our family.

Seriously... won't we be the coolest parents? Just look at us! (: