Season of weddings!

Its that time of year... everyone seems to be getting married or close to it. Yesterday, Brett (my little brother) and Geoff and I went down to Salt Lake to go to my cousin Alex's wedding reception. It was really good to see all my family... especially my grandparents. I know I am bias but seriously, I have the COOLEST grandparents. You can actually talk to them about things in your life. They are very hip & know what you're talking about. I love being around them & it's cool for Geoff to have grandparents again because all of his are now deceased. Anyways, it was really great. We went over to my uncle Greg & aunt Janette's house after the reception & hung out with them. They are really neat people because they have 2 sons with autism & the oldest, Nicholas has a very special place in my heart. Because of him, my life is all about special education. So it was great to just hang out with my aunt & talk to her about special education & so on. Here are a few pictures from the reception

Grandparents with Alex & his new wife Emily

My cute husband & little brother Brett
My cute cousin Chelsey

Uncle Marv & Aunt Denise

Cute cousins Nelson & Spencer

Me & the Hubs

... And today I threw my best friend a bridal shower... We did the traditional gift giving and stuff. Asked questions about her husband to be. And it just made me reflect on my own wedding day & how special it was. I seriously can't remember a moment that was more amazing than the day I made a family forever! What a great day it was. Anyways, here are a few photoes from the shower. It was pretty fun.

The fantastic food I served... pretty tasty!

Jen opened up her presents & put all the special things she got on, silly girl!


Our Brown Family camping trip up Logan Canyon

Wow, Cami looks like... she has been camping!
Geoff & Wyatt & Emma

Geoff & Wyatt again.. so cute!

Geoff & all his nieces... the best uncle ever!

Cami & Aubrey & Allison

Our first time giving a talk as a married couple

Today Geoff & I had to speak in church. I thought we got pretty lucky after being married for almost a whole year & never having to give a talk in church, but the bishop eventually got to us & we spoke today. It was a pretty cool experience though. We spoke on Elder Wirthlin's talk "Consider the One". I never realized just how great of a public speaker my husband is. He hardly looked at his notes the whole time. I was pretty darn proud. It didn't hurt that he looks like a very good looking James Bond in his $600 suite =) Our good friends Jen & Gene who are getting married in one month, came to hear us speak, as did my little brother Brett. We are very blessed to have such good, supportive friends & family in our lives.