Letters to Payton: Month Seven

Dear Payton,

This last month has blown by so quickly that it seems like you haven't really changed much since I last did this.  Mostly because February is such a short month. However, you are just getting more and more fun every day and we say almost everyday how much we can't believe how big you are getting. You are getting so incredibly strong. Your Grandpa Nelson is convinced you will be an early walker but for my sake, I hope you're not!  You roll like crazy in your crib. We find you in the craziest positions ALL the time and it is apparent you are like your momma and love to snuggle up in a ball and sleep on your side. Gone are the days of me being able to walk away from you while you are on the floor and find you where I left you. You can get across the room in just a matter of seconds!

 You roll and scoot everywhere and you get so fixated on your toys and will stop at nothing until you get what you want. You even crawled for the first time a couple of weeks ago and have only done it a few other times but I have a feeling one of these days it is going to be your preferred method of transportation and then I am really going to be up a creek! You have already figured out how to open cabinets that are low enough for you to reach and also learned how to get into your baby wipes and scatter them all around the room. I thought I had a few more months before that kind of mischief started to occur... guess not! I am glad I work out so that I will be able to keep up with you. You are already such a wild, wild little boy!

We took an over-night trip to the beach a couple of weeks ago and you LOVED it. Our hotel was right on the beach and you loved the sounds of the ocean and the feel of the wind on your face. You had a big smile on your face every time we were on the beach. I can't wait to take you when its really warm and we can get in the water.

You are such a cute baby.  Seriously. I know I'm a little biased but we have it on good authority that you are super cute.  People stop all the time to talk to you and tell me know beautiful you are and how much they love your big blue eyes. It is really hard for me to get frustrated with you because your eyes just melt me when you look at me. I am going to have to learn how to see past them one of these days.

Your grandma & grandpa Brown came down this month for your baby blessing and you loved having them here. Your Dad was able to give you a beautiful blessing and it was confirmed again just how unique and special you are. The big news this month is that we were able to take you to the temple and make you ours forever. It was the most precious day of our lives. I dare say it was even better than me and your Dad's wedding day. Knowing that you are our little boy for eternity is priceless to me and I am overwhelmed at the blessing of being your Mother. I love watching you grow, seeing you smile and hearing your laugh everyday. Thank you for being such a sweet little boy. We love you so much Payton.