Happy Easter!

I have loved all the "first" holidays of having a baby in our family. Easter this year was super busy, but super fun. We went to my parents ward and then down to my brother's for dinner and an Easter egg hunt with the girls. Payton was a trooper being carted all over the city and had a blast with his cousins. He is so busy now... crawling and getting into anything he can get his hands on and getting more and more handsome by the minute... check out those giant blue eyes!


zacandbritt.blogspot.com said...

I just want to kiss those chubby baby legs! Wish we were closer to eachother!!

Kristin said...

He is so adorable! Those baby blues just kill me! He is such a knockout! Hope to meet him someday! I know you three want to come and visit DC sometime soon! And when you do, you have a free place to stay! Miss you!