Evening at the Park

We decided to go to the park after church today and had an impromptu photo session. I am really loving our new camera... It was worth every penny! 

Oh, did I mention how cute Payton is? Yeah, check it out for yourself!
  (Sorry, I am turning into a braggy Mom, I just can't help it).


Letters to Payton: Month Two

Dear Payton:
This last month has been a big one for you.  Your little personality has come out and you are one feisty little guy! You let us know when you are happy and you let us know when you are not so happy. You have been known to kick your little feet and throw a tantrum. I for one, think its hilarious and oh so cute. I probably won't think that for too long, but for now, just about everything you do is adorable to me.

You’ve started smiling all the time, but your happiest time of day is between 8 and 9 in the morning.  I am not a  morning person, but your smiles and coos are enough to covert me to be.   Many mornings, I set you between us on the bed and we just sit and look at you and watch you smile back at us and laugh at your funny faces and cute sounds. You’ve started “talking” to us and your little noises just make me melt.  I love it.  Sometimes you take breaks from eating and just lay there and look up at me and tell me all sorts of things.  It is so cute.  It is even cuter when you do it with your dad.  It makes me so happy to see you smile at him.  He loves you so much.

You are a champion sleeper.  I’m taking no credit whatsoever for this- I haven’t done anything to make you sleep through the night, but you’ve been sleeping longer and longer each night, getting up to 8 1/2 hours one night.  So keep it up.   
You’re so close to discovering your hands.  Every so often you will catch sight of them and just stare in wonder.  If I put a toy in front of you, you move your arms around- trying so hard to make them do what you want.  One of these days your arms are going to listen to your brain and open up a whole new world.    

You’ve changed so much in the last month.  You have much more of a personality and you’re getting to be way more fun.  You’re turning into a real person, and it makes me so excited as you become less of a blob and more of a little dude.   It makes this motherhood thing so much easier and way more fun.  I honestly can't imagine doing anything else in my life than taking care of you. I am so glad that I am able to be with you all day long.

You love being in your stroller, so we go on walks frequently, especially as it is getting cooler outside- I’m worried your first word might be “Target”. Whenever we're out and about, people comment on how cute you are.  The nurse at the pediatrician's office even said that you were "almost too cute to be a boy."  It is nice to know that it isn't just us that just can't believe how cute you are.  I love that random strangers want to come look at you and comment about what a sweet boy you are and what amazing blue eyes you have. 

Keep up the good work, kid.  You are such a great baby and you make our life way more fun.  Spending my days with you has become the greatest joy of my life and it really does get better and better every day.  It is hard and sometimes I wonder what in the world I am doing, but you make it an absolute joy.  Seeing you grow and develop is amazing to me and I can tell that it is just going to get more fun as you start to learn new things.  Thanks for making our life so great.